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So many decisions need to be made during the process of creating a new home or remodeling an existing home. You will be taken through specific steps toward the completion of your ideas.

  • First we will measure the property and prepare "as built" drawings of the existing conditions of the site, including any existing structures on the property.- We will check with local city and jurisdiction for all planning, zoning and building requirements. We also check other authorities that need to be included for approval, such as a homeowners association, the California Coastal Commission, American Disabilities Act, etc
  • We will create a program based upon your requests and options. The program defines the use and functionality for the project. We will discuss what can be removed and what is new, and what spaces you will want.
  • You will pick the style for your interior and exterior. Select photographs of ideas and pin them on Pinterest.
  • We will set up a HOUZZ collaborative idea book to work on together.
Plan + Ideate

Design Process

  • Preliminary designs of the floor plan and elevations are created for your review.
  • Design Development phase is started after the preliminary designs are approved by you. We will create drawings and details that define the project and give it the character you are seeking. At the end of this phase, a structural engineer is hired to prepare structural drawings and provide calculations.
  • Construction Documents are then prepared with detailed floor plans, exterior elevations, interior elevations, lighting and electrical layouts. Specifications are created for interior and exterior finishes. Engineer and any other consultants required for the project also complete their drawings.
  • Completed Construction Documents are submitted to the local jurisdiction/city for plan review, approval and permits.
  • Once the plans are approved, we can meet with contractors to discuss the project. During the construction process, we usually make 2-3 site observations.

Throughout the process, your input is the most important component.

"Let me take your wishes, put them into concepts, to get them built."

- Cheryl DeMarco, Architect & Realtor

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